Creating, or donating to a fund helps DBSA support people with mood disorders and their loved ones. Help us to put a face on depression and bipolar disorder. The majority of DBSA’s income comes from donations, and creating a fund is your opportunity to help increase support for DBSA programs while honoring a special individual at the same time.

Each page tells the story of a special person whose life has provided inspiration to others.

Some pages honor people who are examples of wellness for their community. On such pages, friends and family can share how these loved ones have helped them and what they have learned from them.

Other pages are for memorials, which tell the stories of loved ones who have died, often because of depression or bipolar disorder. On these pages, friends and family members share the meaning of their loved ones’ lives and create a place for their community to grieve and remember them while supporting the hopeful mission of DBSA.

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Kelly Kirk
Robert Mead
Kayla Falconer Tabuena