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In a world where connection is at our fingertips, feelings of being misunderstood and loneliness can be overwhelming.

Being a teenager is challenging. It’s a time where hormones change, personal identity starting to form, and a desire to be independent take up a lot of space and energy. When symptoms of depression or bipolar enter the scene, it adds a layer of complexity that can be hard to difficult to navigate. The more you know about mood disorder symptoms, the more prepared you’ll be to cope with them.


What are mood disorders?

Everyone has good days and bad days, but sometimes a bad day lasts for more than a few days or weeks. 

Learn About Depression Learn About Bipolar Disorder


If you think you may be experiencing depression or bipolar disorder, a good place to start is DBSA’s screening center.

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Treatment Options

There are many options for treatment of depression or bipolar disorder.

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What if I’m Having Suicidal Thoughts?

The feelings that cause a person to think about suicide are caused by the person’s condition. Suicide is a permanent solution to a problem that is temporary. Don’t be afraid to talk about these feelings.

Dealing With Crisis

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Being diagnosed with a mood disorder as a teen can feel like a life sentence. Without success stories, it’s easy to think you will always feel this way and you won’t be able to have the life you had hoped for.

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