The path to education begins with knowledge.

People who have mood disorders can more readily achieve wellness when they recognize the symptoms and understand the issues related to this spectrum of conditions. Written in plain English and crafted in consultation with both peers and leading clinicians, DBSA educational materials help people with diagnoses and their loved ones to know what mood disorders are, and what can be done for treatment and management.

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Anxiety Disorders

Everyone has anxiety from time-to-time, though sometimes it interferes with everyday living for long periods of time. Our website provides typical symptoms, risk factors, types of anxiety disorders, and treatments related to anxiety disorders.


Co-Occurring Illnesses and Disorders

Depression and bipolar disorder can worsen other illnesses and other illnesses can trigger episodes of mania or depression. Treating both conditions are important, so inform your health care providers of all diagnoses and symptoms.

Co-Occurring Illnesses and Disorders

Related Concerns

Managing depression and bipolar disorder is more than just managing moods and emotions. Symptoms and side effects from medication can lead to other behaviors and complications that an individual living with a mood disorder will have to navigate.

Related Concerns

Supporting your recovery during the COVID-19 crisis

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