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DBSA announces a powerful new documentary short that follows the life of John Budin, MD, a respected psychiatrist who reveals his mental health condition after nearly 35 years.


We confront and chip away at stigma by using the strengths and gifts bestowed upon all of us living with mental health conditions.

— John Budin, MD

From shame and secrecy to healing and hope

For decades, John maintained a thriving practice in New York City, caring for hundreds of patients. He taught medical students at St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital and directed a mental health program at Montefiore Medical Center. Yet he revealed his own bipolar disorder to no one.

“Internalized stigma caused me to nail my bipolar closet door firmly shut,” he explains. “It turns out that my biggest hurdle was the guy staring back at me in a mirror colored with shame and self-condemnation.”

Now retired, John is engaging his colleagues in a conversation he hopes will transform the climate of secrecy that exists in many workplaces. Mental health stigma can be overcome, making it safe for medical professionals — and all of us — to find affirmation and support.

This film provides powerful, hopeful testimony that no one is immune to mental health conditions. And no one should suffer in silence.

Having a lived experience myself, I’m confident this film will help people grow acceptance of their mental health challenges and reduce the shame and fear that keep people from asking for help.

— Greg Dicharry, Director/Producer
Suicide: The Ripple Effect and My Ascension

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The making of Psychiatrist as Patient: Caring for the Caregiver


Improve The World in 10 Minutes.


For anyone struggling with workplace and societal stigma, this film is a beacon of hope

— Stephanie Choriatis, Producer

We change the culture of silence one conversation at a time.

— John Budin, MD

Meet the filmmakers

Jerry Pavlon-Blum (Producer)
Jerry is a senior director of specialized high school education and enrichment in New York City. He produces educational films and  filmmaking programs, and was the first education leader to form a working relationship between Apple and student filmmakers, heralding student screenings at Apple theaters  over the last decade. Jerry serves on DBSA’s Board of Directors, as well as the Data Safety & Monitoring Board of a longitudinal study at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center’s Bipolar Services. He has a private practice in NYC as a career coach for young adults with mental health conditions. In 2007, he founded NYC’s  first monthly in-person support group for parents raising children with mood dysregulation, which continues today as NYC P2P (Parent-to-Parent) at Robert Louis Stevenson School. Jerry holds advanced degrees from Columbia University Teachers College, Bank Street College of Education and a certificate of advanced studies from Harvard University. A former columnist for BP Magazine on family matters, he has contributed articles to journals of psychiatry on family matters.

Stephanie Choriatis (Director/Producer)
Stephanie is an independent film producer of narrative and non-fiction films, primarily focused on education-based media and storytelling. She also works as an educator for hands-on filmmaking and digital media education with students of all ages, from elementary school to college, with special emphasis on serving students with varying educational needs. Stephanie is currently attending Columbia University’s master of fine arts program in film, with a concentration in creative producing.

Robert Douthat (Director of Photography)
Robert Douthat is a cinematographer and director of films, including many documentaries. He has been nominated for and won awards at various film festivals for cinematography, directing and acting. Robert lives in Brooklyn, NY.

David Heidelberger (Editor)
David is an Emmy-nominated producer of Great Decisions on PBS, as well as the lead editor of the program, which is produced by the Foreign Policy Association. He also serves as a workflow consultant and software designer, writing custom tools and processes to improve workflow efficiency for film and television post-production. He has edited television programs and commercials that have aired across the U.S. and internationally. His video editing work includes commercial clients such as Olay, Nordstrom, many Ivy League institutions, and international music videos.

Kenneth Michael Florence (Original Music Composer)
Ken is a composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist originally from Raleigh, North Carolina. He received his master’s degree in music composition from the Mannes School of Music at The New School, New York City. Ken was formally the lead guitarist in the indie rock band, Annuals, and appeared on late-night programs such as Late Night with Conan O’Brien. He has also performed at prominent world music festivals, including Bonnaroo and Coachella. In addition to scoring for film, podcasts, and other media, Ken maintains a solo singer-songwriter project, plays in two Brooklyn-based bands, and collaborates with various artists of many genres as producer, arranger, and performer.

What is bipolar disorder?

DBSA’s mission is to provide hope, help, support, and education for people and families affected by mood disorders, which include depression and bipolar disorder. We offer clear, easy-to-understand information about these conditions, along with practical tools to help people create their own pathways to wellness.