DBSA Mood Crew

Meet the DBSA Mood Crew ®

Early childhood is a time when young ones are learning about emotions and finding ways to express them. This fun and engaging educational program, designed for ages 4 to 10, helps adults open a positive conversation about feelings with children.

Innovative tools for parents, caregivers, educators, and clinicians

We have created DBSA Mood Crew with all young children in mind. Learning how to recognize and discuss feelings is a key step toward lifelong mental health. The program may be especially valuable for young ones who are having a tough time with emotions.

Some children may show early signs of mood disorders, including depression and bipolar disorder. For these young ones, using DBSA Mood Crew to spark healthy conversations can help build the coping skills that support long-term wellness.

Mood Crew Tools

Learn and Grow with your emotions using the mood crew toolsHelp your child learn and grow with their emotions using the Mood Crew’s tools.

See Them All

Cool tools to share with your child



Download full of informational sheets, activities, and games for each character.

The Mood Crew has a few different activities to make learning about feelings fun

Mood Crew Activities

The Mood Crew has a few different activities to make learning about feelings fun!

Mood Crew Stories

Mood Crew Stories

Read short stories to see how crew members interact with each other.

Days of the Feels

Days of the Feels

The weekly mood tracker helps you and your kiddo find mood patterns.

Mood Crew Coloring

Coloring (PDF)

These crew members need some color! Download the color sheet packet.

Tips for success

  • When talking with your child, we suggest you stay away from labeling any Mood Crew character as “good” or “bad.” Explain that everyone feels a wide range of emotions, and that’s totally okay.
  • Try to let your child know that, although feelings can be complicated and even painful at times, we don’t have to push them aside. Instead, we can find ways to understand and talk about our emotions, which is part of living a healthy life.
  • DBSA has more resources that can help you work effectively with your child. Learn more about our initiative to support parents, caregivers, educators, and clinicians who are caring for children and teens.
  • Learn about the importance of Emotional Literacy and how Mood Crew™ can help lay the foundation for children to become emotionally literate.

DBSA thanks the American Legion Child Welfare Foundation for their support in developing our mood characters and the marketing of DBSA’s family mental health resources. We also recognize the Dauten Family Foundation, whose generous support makes DBSA’s Supporting Youth Mental Health initiative possible.


Collaboration was key in creating DBSA Mood Crew

DBSA worked with clinicians, parents, children, and artists of all ages.

Erin Hart, ArtistMeet Erin Hart, mom, and artist who worked with her two boys to create all of the characters. Starting with the boys’ illustrations and acted-out poses of the emotions, Erin worked her magic to create this ensemble of characters.

Meet the artist and see the boys’ illustrations!

A Tribute to DBSA Mood Crew Creator

DBSA’s Mood Crew was created to address the youth mental health crisis. Previous DBSA Program Manager, Hannah Zeller, MSW, was the heart behind this initiative. Sadly, Hannah passed away unexpectedly on October 29, 2023. This tribute is to honor her contributions to DBSA’s mission and vision. Read more about Hannah’s accomplishments during her time at DBSA.

Read the Tribute