Explore DBSA’s interactive educational videos and seminars. Learn from peers and mental health experts as they tackle a wide range of topics dealing with depression, bipolar, anxiety, and personal advocacy. Discover new wellness tips and advice to help you develop a collaborative approach to treatment plans.

Managing Your Depression: A Closer Look at Medications and Finding the Right Balance

Join us for a new video educational program for families managing major depressive disorder (MDD). Hear from leading clinicians and patient advocates about:

  • Why it’s important to participate in the decisions with healthcare professionals
  • How to bring up your concerns, questions, and preferences about medications
  • When to speak up if a medicine isn’t working, or has really bad side effects
  • The different risks and benefits of different MDD medicines
  • Additional resources offered by pharmacies and advocacy groups

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Insomnia: Do Not Lose Sleep Over It and Work with Your Doctor

Join us for a discussion that explores how peers can better work with their clinicians in identifying treatment options for insomnia that take into account the interaction of insomnia and depression. Good sleep quality and quantity are important for overall health and well-being. Learn from DBSA peers as they share wellness resources that can assist peers to prepare for their visits with their clinicians. They will also offer their perspective on the value of working with their mental health care teams to support whole health outcomes they are seeking.

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