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“Tell me, what is it that you plan to do

With your one wild and precious life?”

Kara will always be a unique and bright light in the world. She struggled with the label of bipolar disorder, as she believed people were always more than a diagnosis. Her struggle with mental illness challenged her to adapt in ways that she found difficult to adopt. Her family firmly believes that the ways to combat this disease are through education, support, and destigmatization of mental illness. Their hope is that by contributing to support and education about mental health, families and individuals struggling with bipolar disorder and depression can live full healthy supportive lives with their loved ones.

Kara had an eccentric personality that encouraged everyone around her to be happy. Whether it was wearing unicorn slippers, pineapple shirts, 1980’s ski jackets or any other type of attire, Kara had a way of making everyone smile and look her way when she entered a room. Her confidence and exuberance for life was infectious. She was an amazing, energetic, curious, and generous young woman. Her colorful personality lent itself to family game nights, learning ukulele, playing rugby, earning her black belt in Tae Kwon Do, and travelling the world to experience the full palette of life’s beautiful details. She is remembered for her infectious laughter, for the love she brought to everyone in her life, and for never being afraid to challenge those closest to her to improve. Kara stood out amongst her siblings for her strong will, deep convictions and indomitable spirit. Her passion for life is unmatched and will forever inspire all of us. We will continue to live out her legacy by holding our loved ones close and giving ourselves to others unconditionally.


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