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Our 15 year old son Julian was a sophomore in High School. He enjoyed playing football, listening to music, and taking care of his friends. As a talented running back, Julian loved to carry the ball, scoring numerous touchdowns with his team.

Perhaps his happiest moments were spent at the lake, creating memories with family and friends that now bring us joy and comfort. Julian was at the heart and soul of the lake, he saw beauty and excitement in all of his surroundings. Whether it was fishing, catching frogs and crawdaddys in the ponds and creeks as a young boy, or catching giant snapper turtles, exploring the woods and trails on his bike, by foot or golf cart, spending time on boats or sunrise surfing, he greeted every day as an adventure with friends.

His spirit lives on in the trees and paths, the sun and sand, and the cooling waters of the lake he loved so much. He is at peace now.

Thank you to all of Julian’s best friends for endlessly selling bracelets they purchased and designed in Julian’s memory. And to all that purchased them in support of DBSA.

Thank you for all your prayers, support, love and generous donations to DBSA in Julian’s memory. We thought $5K was a long shot! We are overwhelmed at the totals and it keeps rising! Make this website part of your wellness and mental health support. It could save someones life or maybe your own.

Sign up for the monthly newsletter it is full of very important information. Don’t judge people or their families. You never know what they are going through or struggling with. Help STOP the stigma of mental illness! God bless Julian our guardian angel. He is so missed.