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Eileen Weiss
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Myron Rumeld
Terrance Nolan
Kathleen McKenna


Micki passed away October 15th at the age of 70 after a courageous effort to overcome a rare cancer. She was a gifted clinical psychologist with a private practice and was a tireless advocate for parents of children with mental health challenges. She joined the board of the national nonprofit The Balanced Mind Foundation (formerly CABF, now a part of the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance), to support parents seeking medical and educational assistance, as well as support for themselves. In addition, Micki was a longstanding member of support for NYC/Tri-State parents raising mood dysregulated kids. She offered direction, comfort and encouragement that made a positive difference in parents’ and their family’s lives.

Micki always made time to help family and friends, and did so with empathy and humor. She had a zest for life, loved to meet new people, and entertain. She was known for her warm gatherings. She enjoyed museums, theater, dance, and musical performances. She was a keen photographer and studied painting. She will be remembered for her big smile, big heart, the sparkle in her eyes and her laughter


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