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We are deeply grieving the death of our beautiful daughter, Anya Kathryn Vykopal, on June 17, 2020.  She died from multiple organ failure due to alcoholism; she had used alcohol for many years to self medicate her bipolar disease. She was 36 years old. Although she had a mood disorder psychiatrist, attended rehab several times, and had a supportive family, she still succumbed.

Anya graduated from Mary Institute Country Day School, where she received honors for science and art, as well as the lifelong learning award her senior year. She graduated from Cornell University in 2006, with a double degree in landscape architecture and plant science. Recently, she received her Master’s in Nursing from St. Louis University.

We will remember Anya for her love of native plants, her extraordinary talent as a ceramic sculptor, her curiosity when traveling, and her wonderful smile and hugs.

Your gift will support the establishment of a new Sunday support group for people with both a mood disorder and substance abuse disorder. Contributions may be made to the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance on this page or by mail to 55 E. Jackson Blvd, Suite 490, Chicago, IL  60604.


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