Memorial Fund – $2,230.00 Raised


Dr. Linda Zimmerman - $150.00
Paige Mostoller - $100.00
Family is Forever! Ken & Dee Hupp - $100.00
Barbara Voigt - $200.00
Patricia Barker - $500.00
Torrey Hilt - $20.00
SF - $100.00
Dr. Mia Steiner - $50.00
Jason Mostoller - $50.00
Anonymous - $50.00
Jacqualin Athay - $100.00
Anonymous - $50.00
Anonymous - $500.00
Dr. Katelin Kehoe - $50.00
Dianne and Jeff - $100.00
Bob and Judy Lowry - $100.00
Ms. Kathryn Rose Barker - $15.00

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Dr. Paul Barker was training to be a surgeon and help others while he secretly fought his battle with depression. He was bright, with a sharp mind and wit, and brought smiles to those around him. Most people who knew him had no clue he suffered from depression. He once said he had more good days than bad days, but his bad days could be really bad. He rarely shared about his low mood days because he felt selfish doing so, and ultimately decided to end the bad days and seek peace through death. We ask that anyone wishing to give in memory of Paul do so here with the hopes that we can help someone else win in their battle and find happiness every day.