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October 20th, 1974 – July 21st, 2015

Jared Gagnon was a runner, coach, mentor and an amazing friend. But what many people didn’t know is that he struggled with Bipolar & Depression disorder. Like many with this disorder, on the outside Jared displayed a happy and cheerful demeanor so you would never know that Jared suffered on the inside. Running helped keep Jared in a daily routine as well as contribute to his niche of friends and the people he made a huge impact on. Jared was an unbelievable running coach and mentor in the Sacramento running community because he gave his whole heart to everyone. He will always be loved and missed by all that were fortunate enough to know him.


When I run, I am free
I leave everything behind me
My mind is peaceful, my heart is open
There is no pain, no fear, no agony
All of the good in my world starts to surface
The friends, the family, the love and laughter
It all takes over me
When I run I am free

Do What Makes You Happy
Be With Who Makes You Smile
Laugh As Much As You Breathe
Love As Long As You Live…..and Run