Hi! I’m Happy with the DBSA Mood Crew. I am pretty famous in the group. Many people want to be like me, but here is the first thing I tell them is that you can’t be happy all the time. Even so, I have some activities that will help you understand me more and if you are feeling a bit off, these activities might help you get back to feeling just like me, Happy!

If you are the parent or caregiver for a young child, or an educator or clinician, you know how important it is to see the children you care for feeling happy. Happy from the DBSA Mood Crew has some resources that will help you facilitate conversations with your young ones about what happiness feels like to them. As you work with DBSA Mood Crew activities, remember that we don’t want to label emotions as ‘bad’ or ‘good.’ While we can agree it is good to feel happy, we also want to be mindful to validate the other feelings a child might be experiencing as well because we can’t feel happiness all the time. Happiness is different for everyone, so we hope these resources can be a unique way to explore what makes your child happy.

Happy has two resources she is thrilled to share with you!

Searching For Happiness

This wordsearch is a fun way to begin conversations with kids on what makes them happy!

Get Searching!

Happy’s Gratitude Journal

Exploring gratitude is a great way to increase positive feelings. Check out Happy’s new gratitude journal!

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