Oh! Hi there… I’m Worried from the DBSA Mood Crew. I’m a little nervous about sharing, but I have three new worksheets for kids who may be feeling like me: Worried! I’m very familiar with feeling worried and I’ve learned some tips along the way — especially to remember my three Rs from my worksheets: recognizing, reasoning, and rewriting!

Calming a child’s anxiety can be challenging. Worried’s new resources can help guide children to better understand anxiety and build skills to manage their worries in the future. Worried’s new resources ask children to recognize what is worrying them, reason with these worries, and find a way to rewrite them so worries feel less intense.

Worried has three Rs to help you feel calm: recognizing, reasoning, and rewriting!

Recognizing Worried’s Woes

This worksheet dives into the first step: recognizing worries. This will help identify what makes one worried.

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Reasoning with Worried’s Woes

The second step in understanding worries is reasoning with them. This worksheet asks questions about the worries identified in step one.

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Rewriting Worried’s Woes

The third step in understanding worries is rewriting them. Use this journal page to write about a what could make the situation the best it possibly can be.

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