Oh, jeez—uh, hi there… I’m Embarrassed from the DBSA Mood Crew™. You probably know me from all the horribly awkward things I’ve done over the years. (Like that fart in math class… gah, why am I bringing that up?!) Anyway, I have a lot of experience with embarrassment. My friends Calm and Confident can usually help me to get through it, so I’ve created this worksheet to share some of the tips I’ve learned over the years!”

All children feel embarrassed from time to time. Help your child identify, talk about and move through embarrassing situations with Embarrassed’s worksheet. When talking to our children about embarrassment, it’s important to validate their feelings and provide perspective that can help them realize that embarrassment happens to everyone, and while it isn’t easy, we can learn and grow from embarrassing situations.

Unpacking Embarrassed’s Backpack