Calm, DBSA Mood Crew

“One of my favorite things to do is take a moment out of my day to do some deep breathing and relaxation techniques. I’ve created videos to show you all the different ways I like to relax and feel at ease.”

Sometimes emotions can feel very big, which is why taking some time to find calm each day can be good for our mind, body, and soul. Relaxation techniques and meditation bring our focus inward, helping us find a sense of inner peace. We can do this in many different ways, which is why we are thrilled Calm created three new videos to show you some of her favorite relaxation tools.

Deep Belly Breathing

Calm’s first meditation is deep belly breathing, perfect for young ones. Learning the basics of deep breathing can get us connected to our body and is wonderful for finding a quick way to feel more relaxed. This technique can be especially useful if kids are feeling like some of Calm’s other Mood Crew friends. When feeling angry, worried, or even excited, taking a few moments with deep belly breathing can be a great way to bring the temperature down on some of our other emotions.


Calm’s second meditation is called “Imagine.” Visualizing peaceful imagery can increase feelings of calm. This style of meditation asks us to imagine a scene in nature. Calm will guide us through a series of sensations, including touch, taste, smell, and sight. This type of meditation can be grounding during challenging times. If a young one is feeling sad, worried, or embarrassed, imagining a different location, paired with deep belly breathing, can have calming effects.

Relax, Relax

“Relax, Relax” is Calm’s third meditation and it is progressive muscle relaxation. During this process, we’ll tense up our muscles and release them slowly. This meditation asks us to feel a connection with our body. By tensing and slowly releasing tension in our muscles, we also begin to release stress. Along with deep breathing, this meditation can be helpful for all types of stress and worry. It can be especially helpful if you are feeling sore or achy.