Angry DBSA Mood Crew

Hey! I’m Angry! Feeling angry all the time is no easy task. It’s why I’m all red, all the time. But, ‘cause I know about being angry, I know it helps to keep my coping suitcase nearby and my stoplight in mind. I have created some resources (thank me later) to help you understand anger better. If you use them, you likely won’t get as hot-headed as I can!

Understanding anger can be difficult for kids, especially because feeling angry is usually a complicated combination of feelings. Check out Angry’s resources centered on helping kids identify and manage feelings of anger. Angry will teach young ones a cognitive-behavioral (CBT) based approach to anger management. This approach focuses on having children remember what the triggering event and associated responses were. Angry’s got a whole road trip designed–so take a trip with her to learn tips and tricks for coping with anger!

Angry has three worksheets for you, and she demands you take a look!

Angry’s Road Trip Rage

This comic strip takes us on a trip with Angry. With this worksheet, understand how a triggering event can create negative thinking and emotional, physical, and behavioral responses.

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Angry’s Stoplight

Feeling angry can be hard to understand. Use Angry’s Stoplight to identify when our emotions feel green, which is good to go, or red–full of anger!

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Angry’s Coping Carry-On

Feeling angry can be unpleasant. Download this worksheet to see what Angry puts in her Coping Carry-On to help with feelings of anger!

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Here are more activities to do with Angry