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Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance was founded on the revolutionary idea: a supportive community of people living with depression and bipolar disorder. Today DBSA continues to provide welcoming and supportive spaces to participants. These spaces offer the chance to find community with others on a similar place in their mental health journey while most importantly providing hope.

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Providing hope is key to DBSA’s mission. Through our continuous polls of support group attendees, we have found that more than 80 percent of Online Support Group attendees report that they are more hopeful after attending a DBSA meeting.

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DBSA provides a safe space for people to share their mental health journeys. We believe giving space to someone living with a mental health condition is deeply humanizing because it shows a mood disorder is only one aspect of a person.

The following peers and mental health advocates are sharing their stories to inspire hope among others living with a mood disorder and break down stigma in our culture.

Meet Vail

I joined the Marines at 18. My time in the Middle East affected me greatly and aggravated my underlying mental health conditions.

Vail’s Story

Meet Jean

Meet Jean

Depression slowly invaded my life at age 57. I experienced troubling symptoms that suggested something was wrong.

Jean’s Story

Meet Lynn

After struggling with depression and suicidality from the age of 11, alongside heavy bullying, I lost my father to cancer when I was 15.

Lynn’s Story

Meet Love B

When I was 18, I attempted to self-injure. They gave me medication, but unfortunately, being young, I ran away from my diagnosis for 10 years.

Love B’s Story

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There are many inspiring stories from DBSA peers. Read them all or find one that resonates with you.

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Holiday toolkit

While the holidays are happy times for most of us, they can be especially stressful for those with mood disorders. Living with depression, bipolar disorder, or social anxiety can make holiday interactions seem daunting. Follow this guide to managing stress around the holidays and more information on how stress negatively impacts your mental and physical health.

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