DBSA’s blog and podcast series, I’m Living Proof: A Letter to My Younger Self has started this season by sharing the experiences of four young people living with depression or bipolar. The series is meant to be an inspiration to people of any age living with depression or bipolar, but is particularly focused on the experiences of young people. 

Wellness Tips from Season Two 

In each episode, we ask our guests to identify what their favorite wellness tip is. Here is a round-up of the wisdom shared this season. 

Set reminders on your phone with inspiration and self-love. For example, “I love you, have you drank your water?” or “I love you, have you gone outside today?” The alarms can help you get back into the moment and remind yourself that you are loved. –Katrina 

Maintaining your relationships. It is important to have recurring activities or things you do with friends, to keep social support going. Also being communicative with friends about how you are doing! When your friends are in the know about how you are doing, if you aren’t doing well, they can show up for you. –James 

“Go to the gym!” It helps, even just walking on the treadmill for a half-hour, or just even going for a walk! It makes a huge difference! –Brianna 

Take time to go outside, being grounded in nature can be helpful. Taking long walks is really helpful. Also, adult-coloring books are super calming. Anything that is really about staying grounded in the present moment. – Sierra 

Meditate every day. Struggling with rumination, mediation allows me to focus on my body and allows me to really rest my anxiety, it has taken some practice, but I can now do it any time. –Sadie  


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