Connecting to others is an important part of wellness. If you have had trouble in relationships with family and friends, you are not alone. You can overcome this, one person at a time.

Do your best to reach out to others to connect. Be aware of the needs of those around you. Let others know your needs. Try to find ways to meet new people, or re-connect to people you’ve lost touch with. Share your experience and educate others about mood disorders.

If you have struggled to keep relationships strong in the past, take some time to reflect on the following:

  • How does my condition affect my relationships?
  • In these relationships, are there things I’m doing that I can change to improve things? If so, what?
  • Are there relationships that are hurting me that I may need to end?

Connecting to other people is an important factor of our wellness. If you have had difficulties with relationships in the past, know that you can work on having healthier relationships in the future.

Restoring Intimacy

Depression and bipolar disorder pose a challenge not just to our health, but to our closest relationships as well. As partners struggle against the fallout of guilt, confusion, and anger, genuine affection and intimacy often become all but impossible to maintain.

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