Shlomy Kattan

I joined DBSA’s Board of Directors because my life has been greatly affected by my friends’ and family members’ struggles with depression and bipolar, and because of my personal experience with DBSA’s incredible support system.

Like so many families, mine has many loved ones who suffer through mood disorders. I have lost six close friends to suicide. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of them. 

During an especially trying time in my own life nearly 15 years ago, a DBSA chapter in New York City was my primary and best support. Meeting regularly with others whose loved ones contended with mood disorders gave me a lifeline. I saw firsthand how DBSA changes and even saves lives.

Since then, any time I encounter someone who is struggling with a mood disorder or has a loved one who is, I first refer them to DBSA. I believe in the organization, its mission, and its impact. 

That is why, for the past decade, our family has made sure to donate to DBSA every year. No organization does more to support and empower those struggling with depression and bipolar. 

Please consider investing in DBSA as well.