DBSA Board Member; Chair, Nominating Committee

Jerry Pavlon-Blum

Welcome and thank you so much for your support!

DBSA has never been stronger, or better poised, to make powerful contributions to people managing their mental health and wellness. Your dollars matter 100%  now more than ever.

I have focused over the past year with fellow board members and staff on the rising tide of troubles in kids’ mental health and parent crisis, and my attention remains steadfast. Offering parents local and national resources that support crises as they arise relieved numerous families this year and improved recovery time, keeping people safer.

For me, to be effective and timely, I count on collaborating with esteemed colleagues coast to coast, and they count on me. DBSA is a great example. For 15 years, first guided by this organization during my own crises as a parent, and later learning how to guide others, they so saved the day. Today, even more, helpful new programs, like the Supporting Youth Mental Health Initiative, which provides age-appropriate resources to young children, teens, young adults—and their parents— are saving the day for so many more.

As America faces its mental health crisis during this Pandemic, I want every parent and child searching for needed support to receive it, so thanks again for joining me by investing in DBSA’s mission to provide hope, help, support, and education to improve the lives of people who have mood disorders.