Learning all you can about depression and bipolar disorder can help you make informed decisions and develop your own path to wellness. DBSA strives to provide educational materials that are comprehensive, easy-to-understand, and empowering.

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On the 3rd Wednesday of each month, DBSA sends an electronic newsletter that contains information about our upcoming programs, services, and ways you can become involved.

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DBSA Brochures

DBSA publishes more than three dozen brochures about various aspects of living with mood disorders, all available to download free of charge. Many of these brochures are also available for purchase. DBSA’s brochures do not contain medical or scientific jargon and convey a message of hope and optimism. All materials are reviewed by people living with a mood disorder and members of our Scientific Advisory Board (LINK TO SAB) to ensure the contents are accurate and targeted for consumers and their families.

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