To our DBSA online support group community:

Recently, attendees to one of our online support groups had to endure the unfortunate experience of being ‘zoom bombed’ by an uninvited group of outsiders who posted hate speech content and derogatory images in the zoom room. Our facilitator was able to quickly shut down the zoom room but we understood the need to enact stronger security measures to ensure our online support group community will continue to find the DBSA online space to be safe, warm, and welcoming.

We met with our online partner Support Groups Central to determine how we can create a safer online environment and they put into place a series of measures to enhance the security of the online support group space. Please read the statement from Vince Caimano, CEO of Peer Support Solutions, for an explanation of the measures. And please know that DBSA and Support Group Central are fully committed to maintaining a safe online experience for our support group attendees. Thank you.

Michael Pollock
Cheif Executive Officer