DBSA believes that the best outcomes occur when the physician and patient are collaborative partners in the treatment decision-making process. Because DBSA is peer-focused, we can offer clinicians and other professionals unique insight into the needs of patients and clients in areas such as treatment and communication. Below are some of the patient-centered services that DBSA offers to help you communicate more effectively and build a strong and collaborative relationship with your patients/clients.

Training for Clinicians

DBSA offers convenient on-site educational seminars and online training, allowing you to maximize your limited time with patients. As the expert in communicating patients’ needs, and supported by empirical data, DBSA has developed a series of cutting-edge training services that take a partnership-based approach to bridging the gap between clinicians and their patients. Backed by a 20+ year partnership with some of the best researchers and clinicians in the world of mood disorders, DBSA’s training services deliver proven techniques to help you achieve outcomes, increase treatment engagement and move your patients into meaningful life roles.

DBSA clinician training programs cover topics such as

  • beyond stabilization–treatment strategies from a patient perspective;
  • using patient-centered, strengths-based approaches to motivate patient adherence;
  • integrating peer support into treatment strategies to improve outcomes;
  • using recovery-oriented tools to enhance treatment strategies;
  • recovery-oriented communication and conflict skills;
  • creating and supporting peer support groups in your community; and
  • customized consultation services.

DBSA has strong ties to the academic, scientific and professional communities. We know that providers of mental health care bring a variety of perspectives on recovery, wellness, and the experience of mental health that often differ from those of patients and family members. To bridge this perspectives gap, DBSA provides professional educational training services to health care providers that are designed and delivered directly from the perspective of people living with mental health conditions.

DBSA’s provider education services allow mental health care providers to learn what patients need, want and hope for, directly from a respected national patient-run organization, along with specific and practical ways for providers to integrate these strategies into their daily practice. Contact training@DBSAlliance.org for more information.

Supporting your recovery during the COVID-19 crisis

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