Caring for a young person who lives with depression or bipolar calls for a team approach. We are here to offer educational tools, to connect parents and caregivers, and to inspire hope — because we know that young people with mood disorders can build the resilience they need to lead healthy, successful lives.

Educational resources

If you’re concerned that your child may have a mood disorder, you may feel you don’t know where to begin. Likewise, if your child has been recently diagnosed, you may have more questions than answers. Visit this section of our website to learn more about treatment options, family impact, caregiving basics, and much more.

Support for parents and caregivers

The Balanced Mind Parent Network (BMPN) is an online community where parents and caregivers of children, teens, and young adults can connect to share experiences and strategies. Learn more about BMPN membership here.

DBSA also offers friends-and-family support groups, where you can find other parents and caregivers who are walking the same road. Find a local group near you, or discover national groups that you can join online from anywhere in the country. 

DBSA Mood Crew

Early childhood is a time when young ones are learning about emotions and finding ways to express them. DBSA Mood Crew is a fun and engaging educational program designed to help adults open a positive conversation about feelings with children aged 4 to 10. Explore Mood Crew here.

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