Young Adult Council

The DBSA Young Adult Council (YAC) is a group of 18–30-year-olds who meet monthly to assist in developing unique resources to support other young adults living with mood disorders, like depression or bipolar disorder. YAC members use their own lived experience of a mood disorder to help inform the way that DBSA provides hope, help, support, and education for this group.

Resources created by YAC

Chronic Conditions and Mental Health

Many people who experience depression or bipolar disorder also live with other health concerns. In this Q&A, DBSA’s Young Adult Council members share their experiences balancing a mood disorder with a chronic health condition.

Learn about balancing chronic conditions and a mood disorder

Questions To Ask at Your First Therapy Appointment

Whether you’re going to therapy for the first time or searching for a new provider, your first appointment can be overwhelming. The  Young Adult Council created a printable list to help you feel more prepared.

Explore the list

12 FAQs about Medication and Mood Disorders

Many safe and effective medications can be part of treatment plans for mood disorders. Five members of DBSA’s Young Adult Council share their experiences with medication, from starting a prescription to switching doses to misconceptions.

Read the FAQs

10 Grounding Strategies To Help You Redirect Your Thoughts

Grounding techniques are tools you can use to redirect your thoughts or bring yourself back to the present moment when you’re experiencing unwanted thoughts. Grounding techniques can be useful in several situations. You may find them especially helpful if you experience anxiety, panic attacks, dissociation, or intrusive thoughts.

Get the strategies

Finding the right therapist

Finding the right therapist is no easy task. When you are not feeling your best, this can often feel insurmountable. You are not alone. This new series from the Young Adult Council will share the experiences of other DBSA community members who have been there, too.

Read Mason’s story

Read MJ’s story

Read Nak’s story

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Young Adult Council Members


Olivia Eiler, Chair

Lauren Yang, Vice Chair

Ashely R.

Brianna K.

Hallin H.

Indie S.
New York

Karissa S.

Maddison B.

Margaret G.

Megan R.
New York

Miranda S.

MJ (Mary Jane) C., (past Chair)

Nadira N.
New York

Sadie M.
Washington, DC

Sam W.

Sarah P.

Sierra P.
New York

Shanelle J.

Joining the Young Adult Council

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