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Young adults with mood disorders between the ages of 18–30 face unique challenges as they transition from high school, to entering the workforce or college, to starting a career and/or a family of their own. The charter of the DBSA Young Adult Council is to assist in developing outreach and specialized programming to help young adults as they transition from family support to independence.

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We are looking to grow the Council. If you’re an individual aged 18-29 interested in the DBSA Young Adult Council, please contact for more information.

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Resources created by YAC

10 Grounding Strategies To Help You Redirect Your Thoughts

Grounding techniques are tools you can use to redirect your thoughts or bring yourself back to the present moment when you’re experiencing unwanted thoughts. Grounding techniques can be useful in several situations. You may find them especially helpful if you experience anxiety, panic attacks, dissociation, or intrusive thoughts.

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Recognizing early signs of a mood disorder

3 members of DBSA’s Young Adult Council share their early experiences with bipolar disorder, depression, and anxiety, and explain how they found the right treatment.

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Finding the right therapist

Finding the right therapist is no easy task. When you are not feeling your best, this can often feel insurmountable. You are not alone. This new series from the Young Adult Council will share the experiences of other DBSA community members who have been there, too.

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6 of our favorite wellness tools

Members of DBSA’s Young Adult Council put together a list of their favorite tools for wellness. The items can make useful holiday, birthday, or “just because” gifts for loved ones.

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At home COVID resources for young adults

DBSA Young Adult Council members put together a list of resources, anchored in different dimensions of wellness, you can use to stay safe and healthy at home.

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A conversation about mental health and well-being in college

DBSA Young Adult Council Member, Sonam Vyas, sat down with Professor and Director of Community Medicine at Saint Louis University School of Medicine, Fred Rottnek, MD, to discuss navigating college life while living with a mental health condition.

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Young Adult Council Members


Mary Jane (MJ) Coppock, Chair
New York, NY

Sonam Vyas, Vice Chair
St. Louis, MO

Olivia Eiler, Secretary
Bowling Green, KY


NaKeisha L.
Quaker Hill, CT

Sarah S.
New York, NY

Lauren Y.
New York, NY

Christine L.
Toledo, OH

Amy Rose
Long Island, NY

Jamie V.
Orlando, FL

Carlee M.
Boise, ID

Mason P.
San Diego, CA

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The DBSA Young Adult Council is involved in a variety of projects including a Ask a Young Adult Questions and Answers page, a Podcast Series, an online support group, and more!

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