The notion of the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance, or any organization, being not only for people with depression and bipolar disorder but also governed and staffed by these individuals was unusual in 1985—the year of our founding—to say the least. Many people were skeptical that such an organization could last.

But last we did! 2015 marks DBSA’s thirtieth year and we take great pride in the transformation that our community has achieved. Together with a strong and growing force, we are leading the way to a world where mental health is not a lucky accident for some, but rather the accepted norm for all. We are leading the way to a world where people with mental health conditions are celebrated for their contributions rather than feared or ignored.

In honor of DBSA’s thirtieth anniversary, we named 2015 the Year of I to We. Many of the year’s activities were aligned with the three pillars of this theme: working toward a future that changes the emphasis from

We raised the bar with this campaign, believing that not only do we have the ability to be powerful and transformative in our own lives, we truly have the power to change the conversation about mental health. We thank our chapters, donors, and volunteers for joining us on this year’s journey from I to We.