Mood disorders such as bipolar disorder and depression affect millions of people. During depressive phases, people feel very sad, lose interest in things, feel low in energy, have insomnia (or sleep too much), feel worthless, and may become suicidal.  During mania, they may be elated (high) in mood or very irritable, with an increase in activity and energy, grandiose beliefs, fast, pressured speech, and a decreased need for sleep.

Their family members and friends are affected too. If someone you love has a mood disorder, you may be feeling helpless, overwhelmed, confused, and hopeless—or you may feel hurt, angry, frustrated, and resentful. You may also have feelings of guilt, shame, and isolation, or feelings of sadness, exhaustion, and fear. All of these feelings are normal.

Understanding Your Mood: An Introduction to Depression and Bipolar Disorder Brochure