Parents and caregivers of children and teens living with depression or bipolar disorder now have even more opportunities for connection and support with the launch of the new website for the Balanced Mind Parent Network.

For more than 20 years the Balanced Mind Parent Network (BMPN), a program of the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance, has been a family-focused online resource and community providing helpful information to parents and caregivers about mood disorders, treatment, school accommodations, research, and more.   

Through the connections and community forged within the network, parents and caregivers can find the hope, help, support, and education they need to face the challenges that come with caregiving. 

The new website has more dynamic ways for parents and caregivers to connect, including a media center full of helpful resources and wellness tools. Parents and caregivers can discuss topics with the whole community through the community forum and live feed. These additional resources and streamlined website have given new life to a critical program for parents and caregivers raising children with a mood disorder.

The Balanced Mind Parent Network has dedicated volunteer moderators who ensure every parent and caregiver has a listening ear and a helpful response. BMPN is segmented into different groups based on the age of the child or other specialty topics:

  • Transition: for parents and caregivers with children over 18 and under age 26
  • Teen: for parents and caregivers with teens
  • Support: for parents and caregivers raising children younger than 13-years-old
  • Residential Treatment Centers: a group for parents and caregivers considering residential treatment or who have children currently in residential treatment
  • Complementary Health: a group for parents and caregivers interested in complementary health methods of treatment for mood disorders
  • Stability: for parents and caregivers experiencing a period of stability
  • Substance Use: for parents and caregivers who are raising a child that is having substance use concerns

For more information on the Balanced Mind Parent Network and how to join, visit For questions about the program, please contact