Many people think that participating in a research study means they will get better treatment for their condition. While this may be true, it’s important to remember that a research study is conducted for research purposes—it does not ensure better or safer treatment. Taking part in a study does not guarantee individual benefits to the participant in the form of newer or safer treatment. The contribution made participating in a study is to science first and to the patient second.

Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance does not endorse nor recommend any particular research study. Patients should discuss all options with their health care providers and family members before beginning any study.

DBSA, its advisors, and its consultants, do not endorse or recommend the use of any specific treatment or medication. For advice about specific treatment or medication, patients should consult their physicians and/or mental health professionals.

There are two ways to find research studies through DBSA:

Visit We Search Together, a national database that matches you with relevant mood disorder studies in your area and provides more information about research participation. We Search Together is a collaboration between DBSA and the University of Michigan Depression Center.

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