Donor Spotlight: Emily

Supporting DBSA has been a passion of mine. In June 2012 I was hospitalized for major depression. Due to my circumstances, I felt there was no way out. But thanks to good hospital care, doctor evaluations, and medication, I was able to come out of my depression.

The support DBSA has provided me has been invaluable. Through my recovery group, DBSA’s online tools, and Facing Us, a clubhouse where I can journal, I have felt very supported.

On top of that, Texas has a great network of DBSA facilitated support groups, which offer information sessions, informational brochures and books. It is so powerful to know that I am not the only person who experiences depression, and that in time my mood will lift. The feedback that I get from my peers is incredible. Supporting DBSA has changed my life, and I plan to never stop!

Emily, Texas

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DBSA Donors

The generosity of our supporters enables DBSA to assist those in need of accurate information, peer support, and inspiration to reach a life of wellness. DBSA thanks the individuals, foundations, and corporations that made us stronger in 2013 through their gifts of support. The list below recognizes individuals or entities that contributed $500 or more in 2013. See full list of all DBSA donors.

Transformation ($25,000 and above)

Anonymous Individual (2)
Community Health Charities
Eli Lilly and Company
Forest Laboratories
Otsuka America Pharmaceutical Inc.
Sunovion Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Takeda Pharmaceuticals North America, Inc.

Stability ($10,000 to $24,999)

Henry Foundation, Inc.
Ms. Susan Madian
Rev. Cheryl Magrini and Mr. Peter Magrini
Mr. Robert C. Schwartz
SeaChange-Lodestar Fund for Nonprofit Collaboration

Growth ($5,000 to $9,999)

Anonymous Individual
Ms. Christy Beckmann and Mr. Jim Vykopal
Carole B. and Kenneth J. Boudreaux Foundation
Community Health Charitie
Friends and Family of Patrick Mackey
William Gilmer, M.D.
Liberty Resources
Mr. and Ms. John Meister
Mr. David Oxman
Mr. John E. Wade II

Resilience ($2,500 to $4,999)

Biotechnology Industry Org
Joseph R. Calabrese, M.D.
Collaborative Care Initiative, LLC
Allen Doederlein and Jeff Bouthiette
Gordon H. & Karen M. Millner Family Foundation
Mr. Gregory Ostfeld
Mrs. Molly Reinhart
Ms. Cindy Specht
Dr. John S. Tamerin and Ms. Susan Penry-William
United Behavioral Health

Education ($1,500 to $2,499)

Ms. Jeanette Benziger
Mrs. Diana Jewell Bingham
Mr. and Ms. Ricardo A. Pascoe
Mr. and Mrs. John Raitt
Raymond M. & Jane E. Cracchiolo Foundation
Gregory Simon, M.D.
Trisha Suppes, M.D.,Ph.D
The VA Palo Alto Bipolar and Depression Research Program

Recovery ($1,000 to $1,499)

Abbvie, Inc. Employee Giving Campaign
Anonymous Individual
Dr. and Mrs. Mark S. Bauer
Ms. and Mr. Carol Bernstein
Bob and Marcia Boehm
Ms. Rachel Cahn
DBSA Louisville
Earl M. and Margery C. Chapman Foundation
Mr. and Ms. Michael Galvin
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Geraci
David Graber
Katherine P. Harris, King and Caryn Harris and Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Paul
IBM Employee Services Center
Mr. and Mrs. Pliny Jewell, III
Ms. Vikki Pryor
Pura Vida Bracelets
Mr. Rudolph Schulz
Ms. Marylou Selo
Mr. and Mrs. Lionel Spiro
Mrs. Dana Vas Nunes
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Vitek
Ms. Marie L. Wilkinson

Empowerment ($500 to $999)

Aetna Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. William Aronin
AT&T Employee Giving Campaign
Mr. and Mrs. James Babb
Mr. James Babb, Jr.
The Steven R. Belasco and Mrs. Frances S. Belasco Charitable Fund
Mrs. Barbara Benda
Ms. Judy Benn
Boeing World Headquarters
Dr. Charles L. Bowden
Mr. Stephen Brannan
Community Health Charities of New York
Community Health Charities of the National Capital Area
Mr. David P. Cozakos
Mr. Paxton N. Crew
Mr. Loren G. Davidson
Mr. Stan Deetz
Dr. Colin Depp
DTS, Inc.
Ms. Marcia Farrar
Ellen Frank, Ph.D.
Mr. Kenneth Fuirst
Mr. Thomas Gallagher
Ms. Virginia Getz
Give With Liberty
Mr. Lionel and Mary Go
Vic and Kathy Grossi
Mr. and Mr. Dare Johnson, Jr.
Mr. Shlomy Kattan
Mr. Brian Kelly
Dr. Zafar U. Khalid
Mrs. Lynn E. King
Joanne P. Kolodzik
Mr. Jordan Kurland
Ms. Gina LaRoche
Mr. Roger A. Mature
Mrs. Heather A. Mcconnell
Chris Meyer and Mary Rivet
Mist Chemical & Supply Company
Mr. David Mizenko
Mr. and Ms. Michael Morley
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Mushegian
Mrs. Leah Nakamura
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Nolan
Ms. Jacqueline Parks
PepsiCo Foundation
Mr. Michael Power
Mr. Jose Luis Prado
Mr. George Rehn
Ms. Susan Resko
Ms. Lyn Ridgeway
Mr. Robert Sachs
Ms. Lynn Schibeci
Schonberger Family Foundation
Manuel S. Silverman, Ph.D.
Mr. Glenn Snyder
The Honorable Louis B. Susman
Tarus Food Products, INC.
Mr. Stephen C. Trumble
Mrs. Tan T. Vu
Mr. Darrel Wilcox
Mr. and Mrs. Michael V. Workman

We apologize for any errors or omissions. Please contact our Development Office at or 312-988-1172 with any corrections to the list or any questions you may have. See full list of all DBSA donors.

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DBSA Ambassadors

DBSA Ambassadors have seen the difference that DBSA can make in the life of someone living with a mood disorder—either as a peer, as a family member or friend. They have witnessed the power of peer support to improve and save lives and want to ensure that people have access to the resources that DBSA provides.

DBSA recognizes the following individuals for their commitment to DBSA as Ambassadors of our mission to improve the lives of people living with mood disorders.

Kathleen Brennan
Gianna Cacio
Robert Cain
Paula Cole-Miller
Jasmine Cutting
Jaclyn Daniels
Ingrid Deetz-McMurray
Allen Doederlein
Summer Edward
Otilia Fonseca
Pamela Graboso
Melissa Hensley
Christina James
Clare Joan
Mitchell Kirk
Bonnie Kisko
Kristine Koller-Metoyer
Jane Kornegay
Jacqueline Lord
Maria Margaglione
David Martin
Stephanie McClain
Rachel McFadden
Debbie Metz
Christopher Monda
Elisa Nosek
AJ Peterson
Leslie Purdie
Kathy Rosenhammer
Stacey Seaman
Elle Skocilich
Steven Smith
Cynthia Specht
Chato Stewart
Stacey Stone
Haydar Suyun
Rebecca Tejumola
Tasha Troxell
Brooke West
Beth Wolfe

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