TODD SAND: Born April 9, 1955, Phoenix, AZ

TODD SAND: Born April 9, 1955, Phoenix, AZ

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Todd touched so many of our hearts. He made us feel important and always good about ourselves. Yet because of this disease he could not often feel the love and care his family and friends offered. His depression became so intense that the disease often robbed him of the ability to work or function with his love ones. The illness only provided him with little or no feelings of being loved, isolated, and helpless. This type of depression stole his life and continues to steal other lives like Todd. We must Survive this Depression NOW and to this end our goal for these monies are to increase awareness, education funding, and provide direct services who suffer from depression and bipolar disorders.

Thoreau said “To affect the quality of the day is the highest of the arts”. Todd was a very accomplished in this art; he positively impacted everyone he came in contact with each day. Every brother and sister, niece and nephew, friend, and colleague felt they were his favorite! And they wanted to be his favorite because to be loved by Todd was good! That is the insidiousness of depression that someone so valued could feel so worthless. Depression is the worst thief; it robs you not only of your love of self but of the acceptance of the love of others.


Todd came into this world April 9, 1955 in Phoenix, AZ. He was raised in Marcus, Iowa and attended Ames High School in Ames,IA. He is a graduate of Mankato State University, Makato, MN. After college, he secured employment with North Central Airlines and after several merges with other airlines Delta Airlines became his employer. Some thirty years ago he met his lifelong domestic partner Ralph Tardugno. At the time of death, they lived in Palm Springs, California.

The illness and Heartbreaking Tragedy

Some twenty years ago, Todd started experiencing depression from time to time. This is NOT the type of depression we all experience from time to time. His depression would keep him from being the outgoing, friendly and loving person who was admired by so many. He would lock himself away from all his friends and family and suffer great pain of isolation and loneliness.He would often shake violently and become dis-functional.After many cries for help, treatments, hospitalizations, various and different medications, his illness turn to longer durations and more often. After the most recent hospitalization, Todd returned home and lost his battle with depression in a traffic accident. He was taken from us as a result of this disease on Friday, June 4, 2010.
WE must Survive this Depression Now, and help those who have chronic depression and bipolar disorder before it robs another life. Please help DBSA with a donation so others may avoid a fate like Todd and so many others. Your pledge is deeply appreciated.

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phyllis moore
Sat, Apr 09, 2011
This is Todd's fifty-sixth birthday. How well I recall the day he was born. It was a happy Easter season. Little did we know then that this dear little boy would impact so many lives. Sadly, he never knew that. I so appreciate each and every tribute and expression of love. I was so blessed to be his mother.

Brian Sand (oldest brother)
Sat, Feb 05, 2011
To all of you, thanks! It is a wonderfull feeling, but not surprising, to know Todd had so many loving friends. Reading your comments, I can't help but feel that you have caputred Todd's true essence. He made every person he met feel that they were important. I know that all of his neices and nephews believed they were Todd's fovorite. How many people can do that? We love him and miss him. Ralph, you have our love and appreciation for taking care of him for all these years.

Sally Stockbridge
Wed, Jan 12, 2011
I just learned of Todd's passing in Mankato State's Alumni Association newsletter. We were both Resident Advisors. I remember his humor, sensitivity and, of course, how handsome he was - topped with his gorgeous red hair. I am so sorry for your loss, Ralph. Todd was a gem!

Helen ("Missy") Hartan
Tue, Oct 19, 2010
Todd,his sister Christy and I were friends in junior high school. We were neighbors and used to jump on the trampoline in his back yard. Todd asked me to go steady with him in 7th grade. He was my first official boyfriend! Todd was kind to people and always had a smile on his face. Once in awhile, especially when I visit family in Ames, I think of Todd and wonder where he is and what he is doing. I'm so sorry that someone as good as Todd struggled with depression. I trust and pray that he is at peace.

Phyllis Moore
Tue, Oct 19, 2010

Roz Corieri Paige
Wed, Oct 13, 2010
I am so deeply, deeply sorry and saddened by this news of Todd's death. Many of us in Ames, Iowa lost touch with Todd and the last time I saw him was on an plane flight between Phoenix and Des Moines, Iowa. Todd was just as kind then as he was when we grew up across the street from each other in Ames. I never told him, but I carved his name in a tree next to Lake LaVerne in Ames one night when we went to church (education) on Wednesday nights. He was a sweetheart that I dearly loved and thought of often. I extend my condolences to all of his family and will keep you and Todd's soul in my prayers. Blessings, Roz Corieri Paige

Lori (Link) Hooker
Mon, Oct 11, 2010
Christie and family,
My deepest sympany to you all. Todd is finally at peace and does not have to fight for his life anymore; this is a blessing.
God bless.

Cheryl Saul
Sat, Oct 09, 2010
Todd's death was such a heart-breaking loss. I still can't believe he's gone. Not having seen him when he was depressed, I remember him as such a happy, bubbley person. I wish more people would see depression as the illness it is, and not find fault or make those suffering from it have to also live in shame. But those who suffer from it usually feel like they must suffer alone since too many people just don't understand. You will be missed, Todd.

Dee Schomaker
Wed, Sep 29, 2010
We will certainly miss Todd's kind and gentle spirit. I would see his name on the bid sheet with an anticipation and hope that his kindness and gentleness, well just plain class, would rub off on me. Our flight attendant family was blessed to have known him.

John Rotella
Mon, Sep 20, 2010
Dear Todd,
You were a kind and gentle man, I know because you helped me get through some tough working days when I was "on loan" to LAX. I remember well the day you, Ralph, and I drove through the Finger Lakes area; we stopped for ice cream and looked down at Cayuga. And when we had some beers after one of those fly-in SLIC meetings in MSP. I think many hearts are sad because we lost you. Todd Sand: your kindness touched many people. I will not forget you. May peace be with you for eternity. +++J.R.

Kevin Lozier & Kevin Corbin
Sun, Sep 19, 2010
We feel honored to have known Todd, and his incredibly kind and outgoing spirit. Though a terrible loss to family & friends, the privilege of having him touch so many lives has a much greater impact in our world than his tragic departure.
We wish all of Todd's family, loved ones and broad circle of friends peace!
Dealing with bi-polar depression with our son,has taught us greatly about patience and the struggle of this horrible disease. However, research and progress in the medical field gives us hope for effective treatment.

Elizabeth (Betty) Gladfelder
Sat, Aug 07, 2010
This is one of many times I have tried to put words to my feelings about Todd...Its so hard...Todd made each of us feel like we were his best friend...I realize there are no words that express the pain I feel...I just hope he can now feel how much we all loved him...he hid his pain so well from all of us...if only we had family has dealt with depression for many years, and there doesn't seem to be a lot of answers regarding this disease...maybe Todd's memory will help us to recognize others who need help...God; he was a sweet man who loved everyone he met, please take care of him...Love to Ralph and his family

Kathy Tucker
Mon, Jul 26, 2010
I am still in shock and deeply saddened by Todd's passing. I have wonderful, and fond memories of flying with Todd. I flew with him to Sydney quite a bit when I was based in LAX.
I send my deepest condolences to Ralph and Todd's family. Todd will be greatly missed and remembered with Love always. Peace my friend.

Jean Boak
Thu, Jul 22, 2010
Oh my dear Door Todd. I loved flying with you when I was LAX based,and having dinner with you in Palm Springs at Little Lucy's house. You were my confidante during CCC class,and we shared the same "too much sun" skin. You will be missed by all,and I will miss you tons.

Susan Konig Terry
Wed, Jun 30, 2010
Todd was a light in my life when I was based in L.A. He was a wonderful human being above all.
He will be missed by all those who knew and loved him... how could you not.
I must say that I am a better person for having had him in my life but a few years....Peace,Todd......

Anne Toombs
Tue, Jun 29, 2010
Dear Todd I am so devastated to hear this news and saddened to know how much you were suffering. I will miss you and be grateful to have had your spark in my life. Always a great supporter through our contract campaigns and always right there to help when things got hot. This picture is a perfect precious gift and I will look at it often. To Ralph and Todd's family, I send my love and support. I know you know how much his Flight Attendant buddies love him. I can hear his laugh now and his gentle teasing. I hope he is having a grande reunion with people he loved here and hope he is there to welcome us as we all make our transitions.

Dani Kelly
Tue, Jun 29, 2010
To all who knew and loved Todd , I have no words to saddened I was to hear of Todd's death.Knowing I'll never again, in this life, say "Hello" to Todd ,or to have the embrace he always gave.Todd will best be remembered for the special man he was to all of us.For me it was warm conversation or having the priveledge of flying with him. I'll not forget Todd, nor will I forget the joy he brought to so many people just being himself.RIP my friend.

Keith Johnson
Mon, Jun 28, 2010
Since learning of his death, I keep seeing him in my mind's-eye: in his blue Republic Airlines uniform, which fit him to a tee, a crisp white shirt, the big smile, the laughing and the giggling. I am so grateful to have known him.

Randy Yamamoto
Sat, Jun 26, 2010
FOREVER in my heart...your warm and radiant smile...FOREVER in my mind our wonderful vacations in europe & Hawaii...FOREVER...FOREVER...My dear friend...YOU ARE AT PEACE.....My deepest condolences to Ralph, close friends and family...

Kem Pries
Fri, Jun 25, 2010
My heart goes out to Ralph and Todd's family. He was a great friend and co-worker that always gave you his full attention. I had the pleasure Of working an 8 day trip about 6 months ago and will now cherish the memory of that trip. Todd will be greatly missed and may he rest in peace.

Joyce Boydstun
Thu, Jun 24, 2010
I have such lovely memories of working with Todd at North Central in the 'early years' of our fun careers and then during my last years of flying in LAX as Northwest.....
My heartfelt sympathy to Ralph and also Todd's family.....
May he rest in peace and he will be remembered and loved by many.

Kathy Hendricks
Mon, Jun 21, 2010
I will never forget Todd. We worked together for years in SLIC, and shared Iowa roots. He was always kind and gracious and good-natured, and I loved to hear his chuckle when we talked on the phone. My deepest sympathy to Ralph, and to Todd's family.

Larry Stamets
Fri, Jun 18, 2010
I share so many sentiments which I've read here. My condolences to Todd's family,close friends and to Ralph. His personal anguish may have been hidden at so many turns, yet he never shortchanged us of his beautiful personality and smile. I am privileged to have had Todd be a part of my life. Todd, you're dwelling place now is in eternal peace.

Terry Gustafson
Fri, Jun 18, 2010
I am still in shock. Todd's warm personality and thoughtfulness touched us all. I always enjoyed running into him on the line. He had a way of making me feel good whenever I saw him. I will miss you Todd!

Thu, Jun 17, 2010
Todd, more than ever, your passing soaked within my heart today that has not been at ease since you left. Coming to a realization we shall not see each other till I arrive at YOUR station. How did our lives travel so quickly? It was only yesterday we met, and now some 20 yrs later you exit, but not from my soul or heart where even death doesn't rule. As you know, my heart is once again cracked as when Bridgette left. As her, I had you for such a short time, but knowing you two are together brings a glow deep within my soul. Bridgette in your arms and care brings moments of silent peace. I know you hold her with all the love you gave us. My FRIEND, I hope NOW you know how much we all loved You. You took us to heights with friendship we never realized existed. You, our ANGEL, watched over your flock with such great care, admiring each of us for who we were and never passed judgment on our deeds. We learned so much from you in such a brief period of time. Thank you! So difficult to let you travel ahead - we need and love you so. Your warming, beautiful smile, wit, and dearly beloved conversations, plus your hugs are our treasures that we keep personally in our minds and hearts. As you know, mine are never far. Keep your candle lit so there is no darkness and it shall mark the way for me to find you two. GOD BLESS YOU my dearest friend - an angel on earth that loved us all even when his loneliness and pain were so great. We will all watch over Ralph till we all arrive together. No goodbyes here; just "SEE YOU LATER" I love you, my dear friend, donald t.

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