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DBSA AmbassadorYou have seen the difference that DBSA can make in the life of someone living with a mood disorder—either yourself as a peer, as a family member or friend. You have witnessed the power of peer support to improve and save lives and you want to ensure that people have access to the resources that DBSA provides.

While it is impossible to put a value on the difference DBSA can make in someone’s life, the reality is that there is a cost. DBSA is able to provide free and accessible support groups, innovative wellness programs and online and printed educational tools only because caring individuals and organizations understand the importance of our work and care enough to either support us directly, or, just as critically, reach out to others to ask for their support of DBSA and the people we serve every day, year after year.

By becoming a DBSA Ambassador, or supporting someone who is, you can help DBSA to provide hope and support for people living with mood disorders. Anyone can be a DBSA Ambassador. All you need is the desire to make life better for people living with depression or bipolar disorder.

How to Find or Create a DBSA Ambassador Page

To find a particular page, click “Find an Ambassador” above and type in the name of the person whose page you want to access. (ie John Smith’s DBSA Ambassador Page)

To create a DBSA Ambassador page, click the “Be an Ambassador” above and you will be taken step-by-step through the process of creating a page. After providing basic information, you will become a DBSA Ambassador, and you can:

  • Tell your story about why you feel it is important to support DBSA
  • Upload a photo of yourself or someone else
  • Provide a contact (presumably yourself) who can be notified when gifts are made to your Ambassador page

After creating your DBSA Ambassador page, send an email to your family, friends and anyone else who you feel would support your efforts.  You can find samples of an "Ambassador Email" in the Champion Center and here.

Thank you for caring enough to spread the word about DBSA and to ensure that we can continue to provide life-changing and life-saving resources.