Honor and Memorial Tribute Funds

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Creating, or donating to, an honor or memorial fund helps DBSA support people with mood disorders and their loved ones.

Now you can educate DBSA website visitors and help put a face on depression and bipolar disorder. Make a one-time honorary or memorial donation, or become a fund champion by creating a fund-raising page in honor or in memory of a person who has touched your life. Let others know about DBSA’s services:  we offer help, hope, and support to people touched by mood disorders and their families. The majority of DBSA’s income comes from donations, and creating a fund is your opportunity to help increase support for DBSA programs while honor a special individual at the same time.

Each page tells the story of a special person whose life has provided inspiration to others. Some pages honor people who fought their mood disorders and have learned to overcome the symptoms that kept them from the lives they wanted. On such pages, friends and family can share how these loved ones have helped them and what they have learned from them.

Other pages are for memorials, which tell the stories of loved ones who have died, often because of depression or bipolar disorder. On these pages, friends and family members remember the meaning of their loved ones’ lives and create a place for all those grieving and remembering to come together and offer support.

Visitors to these pages can make an online donation to support DBSA, in honor of, or in memory of, the fund’s honoree. Proceeds go directly to support DBSA programs.

How to Find or Create a Fundraising Page

To determine whether there is already an existing page for the person you want to honor or remember, click the Find a Fund link.

To create a fund-raising page, click the Create a Fund link and you will be taken step-by-step through the process of creating a page. After providing basic information, you will become the fund champion, and you can

  • Tell your story about the fund honoree and why you are supporting DBSA in their name.
  • Upload a digital photo of the honoree.
  • Provide a contact who can be notified when gifts are made to the fund.
  • Agree that you have the permission of the honoree or the honoree's family, to create the fund.
  • Provide a personal donation as the Initial Gift to the fund.

After creating the fund, send an e-mail to your family and friends to ask them to visit your page and make a donation of any size to DBSA. DBSA makes sure that every dollar is used wisely.

Note: If you have already registered with our site, log in now to create a fundraising page. If you have not registered, you will be doing so during the creation of your page.

For questions about your donation or Tribute fund, please call Donor Services at (312) 988-1161