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DBSA Celebrates a Life Unlimited: Sara Mushegian

Sara Mushegian

Sara Mushegian

Team Fundraising Goal: $35,000.00

Total Number of Gifts: 54
Total Value of Gifts: $40,285.00

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Join DBSA Greenwich and DBSA National in Celebrating the Life Unlimited of Sara Mushegian!

In a beautiful telling of her journey with mental health (the full text of which is the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance's Life Unlimited Feature for June 2017!), Sara Mushegian writes of her experience with the DBSA Greenwich Chapter: "Their outpouring of understanding, empathy, and advice based upon lived experience guided me to help myself to recover. Honesty and human connection are never so deeply present, generously offered, and easily felt as within my Group. We share a deep human connection that is based upon our willingness to be vulnerable to our own truth and the truths of others in ways that not only aid recovery but empower us to thrive, to live robustly, and yes, to live life unlimited."

The group about which Sara writes these powerful words is the support group that has convened almost every Friday since the DBSA Greenwich Chapter was founded in 2000 by Dr. John Tamerin, a clinical associate professor at the Weill Cornell Medical College in addition to working in private psychiatric practice. Since 2012, Dr. Tamerin has also served on the board of directors for the national Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance, championing peer support as a vital, transformative resource that should be available to more people across the nation.

Sara also writes, "In Group, Dr. Tamerin always encourages members to find their passion and purpose, and to be pioneers whenever possible." With such a pioneering spirit, Dr. Tamerin and DBSA Greenwich have over the years launched several fundraising initiatives that have generated tens of thousands of dollars for DBSA's mission to improve the lives of people who have mood disorders. Beginning in 2016, Dr. Tamerin decided to combine such a campaign with a celebration of a person who embodies the kind of empowerment that DBSA groups make possible.

This year, DBSA Greenwich, together with the national DBSA, honor and recognize the extraordinary story of Sara Mushegian, who--as an artist and entrepreneur, a friend and a loving family member--truly shows that people with mood disorders can have a life unlimited. See her beautiful, creative expressions of that limitlessness at her site http://saramushegian.myportfolio.com.

If you would like to share a note of congratulations or celebration for Sara, please e-mail that to Development@DBSAlliance.org and it will be uploaded to this page within 48 hours.

We invite you to celebrate Sara Mushegian with a contribution and, in so doing, help to make the transformative power of peer support available to more people, not only in Connecticut, but across the country!

Messages to Sara

Sara pre-DBSA: Silently suffering, sweet, sensible; Sara Sara 1: Articulate, Adorable; Reserved; friendly. Sara 2: Still sweet, so strong; full of Surprises. Artistic, good friend to All. Right about so much. You've Arrived! Now is your time! xo Fran

Gift Tribute Notes

In honor of Alice, Ellie, and Jack.
Happy Birthday Alice and Ellie!
Love you both forever,
Mom and Dad

In honor of Sara and to deeply thank John, my dear friends.

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