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John Tamerin - $10.00

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DBSA of Greenwich is celebrating and fundraising for Mark Wenzel's amazing recovery and his 60th birthday.

The National Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance began in Chicago in the late 70's with the purpose of starting a support group for patients with depression and bipolar disease. The overall goal was to address the issue of stigma, to provide information and support and to offer examples of people with depression and/or bipolar disease who had been successfully treated. The DBSA now has hundreds of chapters throughout the 50 states.

A number of years ago, recognizing the need within our community, contact was made with the national organization and a chapter was started in Greenwich, Connecticut. We have been pleased both with the response to the program and with our ability to have helped hundreds of patients and family members.

A total of $10,580 has already been raised from friends of Mark Wenzel through the DBSA Art Van Charity Challenge located here:

2016 Art Van Challenge Donor Listing

John Tamerin $1,000.00
Paul Mence $250.00
James/Jennifer Basch $500.00
Karen Pascoe $500.00
Mark Wenzel $250.00
Steve Minninger $350.00
Lisa Wysocki $500.00
Anita/Mac Heller $1,000.00
Ellen Paltiel $500.00
Karen Pascoe $500.00
Betsy White $300.00
Jeff Tauscher $270.00
Steve Anastos $500.00
Norman Naishtut $400.00
Allan Cartun $300.00
Martha Eustis $100.00
Jacqueline Segura $250.00
David Laurence Flynn $125.00
Sue/Bob Stone $500.00
Carolyn Wenzel $500.00
John/Tonia Abpanalp $500.00
Chuck/Michele Wenzel $500.00
Anyonymous $100.00
The Weibman Family $300.00
I. Michael Black $200.00
Jim Babb $200.00
Michael Balsam $200.00
Jonathan Perloe $50.00
Rich Hubil $50.00
Judy Mills $150.00
Frances Belasco $60.00
Marvin and Estelle Wurth $50.00
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