David A. Martin DBSA Ambassador

Many Thanks to My DBSA Ambassador Network

My name is David A. Martin, and I have Bipolar.

Growing up in a small town in Iowa, I found it hard to to control my anger and depression. I was always in trouble in school and my mother and I couldn't figure out why.

My mother and father split when I was 5. I believe at that time is when my depression was starting to get worse.My mother did everything in her power to try to help me when I was feeling depressed.

I finally was diagnosed with Bipolar when I was 24. That was when everything started to click for me and my mother. We started to realize that I was actually Bipolar when I was younger. The anger and depression was caused by my diagnosis.

Today I am on medication that helps, I am not as moody and I know when I haven't taken it for one reason or another.

I hope to be a support to people with depression and Bipolar. I am going through a Dialectic Behavior Therapy class that is actually helping and I would not change it for anything.

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