Stephanie McClain aka Nubiana Love

Many Thanks to My DBSA Ambassador Network

Hello, I'm Stephanie McClain aka Nubiana Love and welcome to my DBSA ambassadors page.

At the age of 15, I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and I've been through a rocky road. I've had walked several mountains in my life, burned so many bridges, but I've accomplished several goals. I have learned to face reality and cope with this mood disorder. I've been called crazy throughout my life time, but you what, WHO CARES! Being successful, crazy, talented, and educated, I've been accepted and respected by understanding individuals in society.

I am here to inform everyone who is suffering with an mental illness that you are not alone. I've been in treatment since a teenager and understand how to cope with my illness and live with it.

During this hard economic time it has caused depression in many people's lives, so depression is not new to me. Living with depression is manageable and I am here to teach you ways to cope with mental illness and ignore stigma.

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