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Many Thanks to My DBSA Ambassador Network

DBSA welcomes with open arms.

No matter who you are, what your illness, regardless of your past.
You will find compassion, someone who really understands mental health, and a friend to listen.

My birth mother had schizophrenia. Through conversations with people,I was given some literature on DBSA.

Throughout the years, I was able to gain the courage to inquire. This lead to attending some support meetings.

I met a dear friend at the DBSA conference in Houston, TX. She runs the chapter in Palatine, IL.

The experiences, knowledge, support, and continued dedication keep me spreading the word. HOPE!! It is all we have, through one another.

The acceptance of stigma, treatment, and continued recovery are my story. Yes, I have mental illness.
Yet, mental illness is not who I am.

The recognition of my severe mood swings and depression, has been diagnosed as bipolar. I have social anxiety, insomnia, thoughts of suicide, along with other emotions I have to recognize.

My hope for sharing my story, is for you to not be ashamed. Know you are worth getting treatment. Be sure, we are out there for you, and have felt your hurt and pain.

I have been in treatment, on meds, and in recovery for over 10 years now. My symptoms started when I was 6 years old.

My breakdown came rapidly in my early
30's. Recognition of my illness was 35. When it all made sense. My birth mother had mental illness, and my
difficulties now had a name.

I hope you will consider taking the time to inquire. If for you or a loved one.

I am loved and blessed.
Through this, I have survived.

Being an ambassador for me, means sharing and caring and offering hope to you.

For nothing more than this also, is part of my recovery. I get great joy out of sharing, and listening.

Remember, I do care.
You are not alone.
Don't give up, you are worth the fight.
Speak up for yourself.
Mental illness should not be shameful.
Educate yourself, nourish yourself.
Complete overall health.
Nourish your mind with positive thoughts.
Reach out, even when it is hard.
Tomorrow, is a new day, a new start.
Believe in yourself!!

Warm blessings.
I welcome hearing from you.


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