Patrick B. Mackey

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For Pat Mackey, Kimberly Lojek - $20.00

Friends and Family of Patrick B. Mackey - $10,259.00

Joe and Sheila Gallagher - $50.00

Friends and Family of Patrick Mackey - $8,800.00

Friends and Family of Patrick Mackey - $8,025.00

bob c - $150.00

Kerry Kalck and Tom Mahar - $150.00

Mackey Family and Patrick Mackey Memorial Fund Committee - $10,000.00

Memorial Golf Outing - $8,143.00

Jeff & Danielle Bogdan - $100.00

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Patrick left this world at the young age of just 29 years old. He spent most of his all too short life suffering through daily battles with his "demons".
My demons and yours may be things like making the next mortgage payment, saving for the kids' college education, being a good enough brother, mother, uncle, etc. Patrick's demons ranged from why a strangers baby is crying at the grocery store, to world peace and every tragedy in between, not to mention the years of battle against his illness!
He carried the weight of the world on his shoulders and suffered equal empathy for all things...and yet he selflessly kept all of this hidden. Hidden behind compassionate eyes, the truest of smiles, and hidden within one of the warmest hearts ever known.
Despite his many struggles Patrick found the time and strength to help a great many people. He participated in support groups, mentored others - young and old alike, and gladly bent over backwards for anyone, asking nothing in return.
His life's passion was cooking, and all who have ever had the pleasure of tasting one of his creations would surely attest to his talent.
Truly one of the rarest of human beings, Patrick Brendan inspiration to all who knew him.

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Rest in peace pal you're not alone fighting this illness. There are many unfortunately yours ended way too soon, before a cure.

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Don Borling
Tue, Nov 12, 2013
Patrick ... in his humanity ... has always been an inspiration to me. His honesty ... his beautiful simplicity ...
his often tough journey ------ they have impacted me and Jude in so many ways. Jude sure loved Patrick ... as I do. I know they are together ... and their spirits grace our path. To the entire Mackey family ----- thanks for sharing your journey with us ...
Love ... Don

Ginger Mason
Sat, Oct 20, 2012
R.I.P. Patrick. It's a shame that you found this life too hard to bear. As one who suffers from bipolar disorder, I know very well how that feels and was lucky enough to be blessed with a son who I just couldn't leave behind. I hope to meet you on the other side, you sound like a wonderful young man. Sending prayers for your family and friends to find peace.

Delores J Brooks
Wed, Oct 07, 2009
Maureen and family,
You know you were blessed to have Patrick in your life -- and him to have you in his. I wish I had known him. But knowing Maureen, his mom, and the total devotion, love and support she had for you and the family,I fully understand what a wonderful young man you were. To have this legacy in your honor is proof of the mark you left upon our world. Love and memories last forever.
A friend and admirer,
Delores J. Brooks

Jeremy Farmer
Wed, Dec 03, 2008
Will never forgot you brother.

Shannon Lassiter
Mon, Dec 01, 2008
Meg, Eileen and Family,
Again I am so sorry for your loss. Though I only had the wonderful oppertunity to meet Patrick a couple times, I know that he was a wonderful guy and will be missed.
You all are in my prayers.

Mon, Nov 24, 2008

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