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Hi I'm Jorie, and I live with mental illness. That's not all I battle, though. My demons are far and wide, but I never let them get the best of me. I have chronic migraines, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, POTS, Chiari Malformation, and anxiety/panic disorder.

In 2014, I was officially diagnosed with bipolar disorder type II (which was later switched to type I). As I walked out of my psychiatrist's office that day, it all made sense. The puzzle pieces just fell into place. All the stigma I knew surrounding bipolar disorder made me feel discouraged, though, so it was a secret I carried with me for a long time until I sought out support groups and ways to advocate. Advocacy is now one of my passions and I now consider myself a professional patient advocate for both my physical illnesses and mental.

Between the times I was undiagnosed and now, I have had several "moments" where bipolar disorder has reared it's ugly head. I've had breakdowns, manic episodes, mixed states, bouts of psychosis, deep depressions, suicidal thoughts, self harm tendencies, and nearly everything else associated with bipolar disorder. But this hasn't stopped me from striving to live the life I aspire and love.

My support systems and personal hobbies have been the best medicine for me throughout living with bipolar disorder. My fiancÚ, my parents, my many friends in the "Spoonie" community, and more deeply impact me and give me a reason for waking up in the morning. I also love to read, write, do art (I make jewelry for which I donate funds to non profits), be in nature, and practice meditation and mindfulness.

Another huge driving force in my life is the blog I run with a handful of other writers who fight chronic illness, mental illness, and specifically chronic migraine. It is called The Migraine Mantras. I started this blog to give my pain a purpose, to tell my story, to raise awareness, to inspire hope in others, and to provide support. MM is my passion right now as it combines the "bad" things in my life and turns them into something worthy. I have written about my bipolar disorder a few times on there as well--my mental health and physical health are both heavily influenced by one another.

I strive to open up the conversation surrounding mental illness and destroy the stigma attached to those of us living with it. We must raise our voices to illuminate the truth and tell our stories. It's so important to let others know they are supported and loved, and that they can seek help without judgment. Bipolar disorder is one of the most misunderstood mental illnesses out there--it is my goal to change that.

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