WHO-Five Feedback


Thank you for accepting DBSA's WHO-Five Challenge to incoroporate the World Health Organization's 5-point Well-Being Index, and/or other wellness measurements, into your mental health practice. We'd love to hear about your experience.

Question - Required - When did you start the Challenge?

Question - Required - Which wellness measurement scale(s) did you incorporate into your practice during the Challenge? (Select all that apply.)


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Question - Not Required - If you used the WHO-Five Well-Being Index, what method did your patients/clients use to track their well-being?

Question - Required - Please rate the level of helpfulness (to you and your patients) you found incorporating the WHO-Five and/or wellness measurements into your practice to be.


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Thank you!

If you'd like to speak with someone at DBSA directly about your experience with the Challege, please contact DBSA Executive Vice President, Cindy Specht at CSpecht@DBSAlliance.org or (312) 988 - 1163.

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