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DBSA Veteran Peer Specialist Training Application - July 2015


DBSA VA Training

All applications must be fully completed and submitted to DBSA by June 19, 2015, in order to be considered. You will not be allowed to save this data and return to finish at a later time, so it's best to keep your answers in a separate document and then copy and paste into this application.

Training Hours, Locations, and Dates

July 20–25, 2015
Chicago, Illinois

The training course includes four components:

  • Podcast—listen to a recorded podcast and provide online feedback
  • Webinar—Thursday, July 16, 10:00 AM–2:00 PM Central time
  • Face-to-face training course—Monday, July 20 to Saturday, July 25
  • Post-course examination—online; begins Wednesday, July 29


Training participants must commit to:

  • Attend and actively participate in 5.5 days (42 hrs.) of face-to-face training and 4 hrs. of web-based training
  • Participate in discussion and role-plays utilizing solely their personal recovery experiences rather than any clinical roles or training
  • Participate in on-site skills observation and evaluation during the face-to-face training
  • Take a web-based certification examination following training completion

Registration Fee

$1,995 per person includes training fee, all training materials, and post-training certification testing. Benefits may be available from the VA or your state to support training costs. For information about your eligibility, please contact your state Veterans Benefits Office or Department of Veterans Affairs Vocational Rehabilitation Services. DBSA Veteran peer specialist training is approved for G.I. Bill benefits by the Illinois Department of Veterans Affairs, and eligible Veterans from any state who successfully complete this training course can be reimbursed for the cost of certification (1/3 of the total registration fee, or $665). For additional funding ideas, please visit


Individual participants are responsible for funding their own travel, hotel accommodations, and meals associated with face-to-face training.


Demographic Information

Please provide the following optional information to help ensure diversity of the training group. DBSA will use combined numbers to describe overall participant demographics and will not maintain or use your individual information in any other way.

Question - Not Required - Gender

Question - Not Required - Age

Question - Not Required - Ethnicity


Understanding and Interest




Personal Recovery Experience






Training applicants must initial below to indicate their agreement with all these training requirements:

  • I am a Veteran, discharged under other than dishonorable conditions.
  • I have been in personal recovery from a mental health condition and/or addiction for a minimum of one year.
  • I understand that successful completion of all portions of this training course (including the post-course exam) is only a partial requirement in order to qualify for employment as a VA peer support specialist
  • If I am chosen as a training participant, I understand that I am responsible for funding my registration fee, travel, hotel accommodations, and meals associated with face-to-face training.
  • I understand payment of $1995.00 is due by July 7, 2015. 









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