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Wellness Options

The best approach to treatment for you

DBSA recognizes that there are many paths to wellness and promotes numerous treatment components that are beneficial for individual achievements of recovery. We believe that a successful approach to mental health is balanced and starts best with a knowledgeable, empowered individual.

Finding the Right Treatment

We believe that the opportunity to achieve recovery increases when treatment plans include a personally directed, clinician-vetted combination of talk therapy, peer support, medication, and whole-health/wellness strategies. Read more...

Personal Wellness Tools

DBSA creates numerous tools like the Wellness Tracker that empower people living with mood disorders to facilitate and manage their wellness plans in careful partnership with their providers, loved ones, and other peers. Read more...

Research & Clinical Trials

Research is essential to increasing our understanding of mood disorders, developing new treatments, and deciding which treatments work best for which people. At DBSA, we support research that supports our mission to improve the lives of people living with mood disorders. Read more...