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Help Others

Providing hope, support, and inspiration

The lived experience of depression or bipolar disorder, which can often begin painfully and with debilitating symptoms, can ultimately provide people with diagnoses with unique insights and abilities to help their peers, as well as hope and inspiration. And helping others can aid people with mood disorders in building their confidence and maintaining their own mental health.

Helping Someone

Mood disorders such as depression and bipolar disorder affect millions of people. Their family members and friends are affected, too. If someone you love has a mood disorder, you may be feeling helpless, overwhelmed, confused, and hopeless, or you may feel hurt, angry, frustrated, and resentful. You may also have feelings of guilt, shame and isolation, or feelings of sadness, exhaustion, and fear. All of these feelings are normal. Read more...

Advocate for Mental Health

DBSA is, at its heart, focused on each individual’s opportunity, responsibility, and power as an advocate. One of DBSA’s foremost objectives is to ensure that people with depression and bipolar disorder have consistent and meaningful representation in determining those legislative and policy issues that affect their lives. Read more...

Become a Peer Provider

The DBSA Peer Leadership Center is an easily accessible, impartial, and central location where peer specialists and peer supporters can find the information and training they want, connect with others working in the field, learn about employment opportunities and organizations that champion peer support services, and engage in dialogue to strengthen the peer workforce. Members benefit from resources, networking, education, and employment. Read more...