Family Center

Welcome to the Family Center

Family support is crucial for those affected by depression or bipolar disorder. If you or someone in your family lives with a mood disorder, the Rebecca’s Dream Family Center is a place of compassion, hope and understanding. It is a central place for a wide variety of family-focused resources and information.

If you’re a family member of someone coping with bipolar disorder or depression, you’ll find resources to help you learn the facts about these illnesses, take care of yourself and let your loved one know you’re there to listen and help.

If you live with a mood disorder yourself, you’ll find strategies and tools to help you improve relationships with those closest to you—a partner, parent, sibling or child. Learn how to best educate family members about your illness and treatment and let them know what helps and what hurts on your recovery journey.

There is hope. Treatment does work, and the majority of people with mood disorders can return to stable and productive lives.

Parents of children with mood disorders know that depression and bipolar disorder affect not just the child but also the family. Share our informational flyer or send an eCard to friends and family members.

Support for Families

DBSA offers a number of ways for families to receive mutual support from other families of individuals living with a mood disorder. Learn more about local DBSA chapters and family support groups, online family support groups and online discussion forums for parents and family members. We’ve been there. We can help.

Online Support Groups

DBSA offers online support groups for parents and friends and family of people living with mood disorders. Take care of yourself while helping a loved one.

Join an online support Group! For more information and times, please visit:

The Facing Us Clubhouse is an online home for wellness for individuals living with mood disorders. is a refuge where visitors can do something positive every day and find inspiration from others who share a similar lived experience.