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DBSA creates and promotes messages, structures, and practices that advance mental health, personal choice, and wellness. Building on a long history of championing personal advocacy, we also advocate with peers at the forefront of determining needs and best practices for mental health among people with depression and bipolar disorder. We support both policy and media related advocacy at national and state levels, ensuring the place, needs, and concerns of peers in policy, service delivery, and treatment decisions.

DBSA is a proud member of the Mental Health Liaison Group, American Brain Coalition, and the Advocacy Committee of the International Society on Bipolar Disorders.

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DBSA Letters of Support

In support of our goal to achieve broad access to quality mental health care, DBSA has declared its support for the following:

April 2017
DBSA Supports the Preventive Health Savings Act

March, 2017
DBSA Shares Concerns that the AHCA will Limit Access to Mental Health Coverage

February 2017
DBSA Supports the Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment Accessibility Act of 2017

December, 2016
DBSA Joins MHLG in Asking Congress to Protect Access to Mental Health Care

November, 2016
Support for Senate Mental Health Reform Act
Response to White House Mental Health Parity Task Force
DBSA Supports Mental Health Reform

October, 2016
Open Letter to Presidential Debate Moderators

October, 2016
DBSA Supports the Mental Health on Campus Improvement Act

August, 2016
DBSA Comment to the White House Parity Task Force

July, 2016
DBSA Supports Senate Bill S. 2680: The Mental Health Reform Act of 2016

June, 2016
Recognize Value of Peer Specialists Mental Health Parity in Mental Healthcare Reform

April, 2016
Maintain Medicare Part D Benefits

March, 2016
DBSA Supports Senate Mental Health Reform Bill Draft Language

February 2016
Protecting Youth From Solitary Confinement

January, 2016
Expand Certified Community Behavioral Health Center Demonstration Program

January, 2016
Support for the Behavioral Health Coverage Transparency Act

January 2016
Comments on Draft 2017 Letter to Issuers in the Federally-facilitated Marketplaces

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