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Mental Health Parity

What Does It Mean to You?
Access to quality mental health care is now reality for millions of Americans as a result of health care reform. But much more still needs to be done before we achieve “practical” parity. Learn more.

Advocacy Policies

Learn what messages and practices DBSA is promoting to advance mental health, personal choice and wellness. Learn more about advocacy policies.

Understanding Advocacy

The word advocacy means different things to different people, ranging from holding a bake sale for a local school to helping a patient fight for their legal rights. Learn about the different kinds of advocacy that DBSA is involved in. Understanding Advocacy.

Legislative Advocates

Becoming an active participant in politics is a great way to make your voice heard. Writing letters, making calls and visiting legislators are all great, but there are even more ways to get active! Become a Legislative Advocate.

Advocacy Toolkit

Looking for sample letters and guides to help you on your way to becoming an advocate? Check out our advocacy toolkit!