DBSA Core Peer Specialist Continuing Education

Here are training opportunities to increase your knowledge and skills as a Peer Specialist.

Next Steps Peer Specialist Continuing Education (32 hrs.)

Continuing education for experienced peer specialists developed by the International Association of Peer Supporters (INAPS) under the SAMHSA-supported national Recovery to Practice initiative. Delivered via a collaborative learning approach, the course includes 24 hours of face-to-face training plus 8 hours of pre-work by training participants. Share your knowledge and learn more from your peers on these key areas of peer specialist practice:

  • The Transforming Power of Recovery
  • Peer Support Values and Guidelines
  • Effects of Trauma on Recovery
  • Multicultural Awareness
  • Dual Diagnosis
  • Wellness
  • Strengthening Workplace Relationships
  • Supportive Recovery Relationships

Training Dates


View a brief video on the Recovery to Practice Next Steps course


Who can participate:
Individuals who have been formally trained and certified as peer specialists in their states or through the Department of Veterans Affairs Office of Mental Health Services.

Contact the DBSA Training Department for information on scheduling a Next Steps course for your group of 12-20 participants.

We Do Talk About That:  Diagnosis, treatments, and  the role of peer support (1/2 day)

Peer specialists are not clinicians, and they can play a key role in supporting their peers in choosing and getting the most out of treatment. Participants will learn more about a range of mental health treatments and explore ways in which peer specialists can appropriately support others in this venue. Contact the DBSA Training Department for information on scheduling this course for your group.

“Tell Me Your Story”—Why and How? (1/2 day)

Telling your story is integral to the work of peer supporters, but what does that really mean? Do you feel confident in talking about your recovery journey, what to tell, and what you might choose to keep private? This workshop will explore techniques for crafting and using your story in diverse settings. (Note: This is a more intensive and expanded version of the Telling Your Story session used in DBSA peer specialist training courses.)       Contact the DBSA Training Department for information on scheduling this course for your group.

Support Group Facilitation (1 day)

Learn how to be an effective support group facilitator, keeping the focus on recovery. Participants will learn how to craft and use group guidelines, productively guide discussion, and effectively address common challenges. Includes both dialogue and hands-on practice facilitation. Contact the DBSA Training Department for information on scheduling this course for your group.

Peer Coaching Training

DBSA partners with InfoMC on Peer Coaching technology and training. Contact InfoMC.

Online Opportunities

DBSA Online Training Courses

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Magellan Healthcare Training Courses

DBSA has collaborated with Magellan Healthcare to create these online Peer Support continuing education courses on peer support:

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